Zeiss Myocare Lenses specially designed for children to manage Myopia Progression


What is Myopia or Nearsightednes?

Myopia is also called nearsightedness, and it is basically a form of visual impairment found in children. When a nearsighted person looks into the distance, a blurred image is produced in the eye. As children grow, their eyes become longer. If the eye elongation is more than it should be at a given age, the level of myopia increases. For example, some myopia symptoms in children could be that they struggle to see clearly in the distance, so they struggle to do everyday activities such as playing ball or reading the board in the front of a classroom. In India almost 80% of young people in urban areas below the age of 20 are myopic. But the growing prevalence of myopia is not only a problem in India or Asia. This trend is also emerging worldwide.

How to treat Myopia progression in Children?

There are many types of myopia progression treatments for Kids

  • Myopia control Contact lenses worn by the child at night times
  • Soft contact lenses for daytime wear
  • Medication likes Eye drops
  • Special myopia control eyeglasses, which tends to be the most comfortable treatment method for children.

Zeiss Myocare Portfolio addresses good Vision and Myopia Progression.

Enhance childrens’s vision and see their world clearly –  The ZEISS MyoCare lens portfolio is the best optical lens solution aimed to slow down the progression of myopiain Children.

How do Zeiss Myocare lenses work?

The Zeiss Myocare portfolio consists of two lens designs based on age of the wearer. Experienced eye care professional will recommend the most suitable lens design for your child. MyoCare is backed by ZEISS innovation and more than a decade of experience in developing lenses to manage myopia progression.

Zeiss C.A.R.E Technology

As children grow, their eyes become longer, and this is called axial elongation. If the axial elongation is more than it should be at a given age, the level of myopia increases. By managing the axial length of the eye, myopia is also managed. New Zeiss MyoCare design features a central clear zone for optical vision correction. Special C.A.R.E elements are featured from the edge of the clear zone expanding to the edge of the lens. The main focus of this design is to manage myopia progression by slowing down the elongation of the eyeball, while delivering comfortable and good vision.

Zeiss Clear Focus Design

Defocus is known to trigger the elongation of the eyeball which leads to further myopisation. Zeiss have optimised the rear surface of the lens, to provide the correct lens power and to minimise unwanted defocus, no matter where the eyes look through the lenses. ZEISS ClearFocus design delivers better vision and myopia management for all viewing angles.

Zeiss Myocare is with all Protection

Anti-reflective coatings with scratch resistant properties that are applied to the lens surface to make it more robust – perfect for active young children. ZEISS DuraVision platinum with all-round protective features can also be considered as a great solution specifically designed for children. It offers excellent anti-reflective properties, scratch resistance, dust and water repellence and 100% UV protection.

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