Zeiss Energize me Lenses for Contact lens wearers.

In modern life people doesn’t want to choose between contact lenses or spectacle lenses, they opt for both. ZEISS EnergizeMe Spectacle Lenses were specifically designed to support who wear contact lenses, so they can continue to wear spectacles too.

Single vision lenses

ZEISS EnergizeMe Single Vision Lenses use a small addition to help relax the eyes after contact lens wear. This helps to prevents further eye strain.

Digital lenses

ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital Lenses are the perfect match for the contact lens wearers in the age group between single vision and progressive lenses who need some assistance to help their eyes relax.

Progressive lenses

ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive Lenses were designed to accommodate the visual behaviour of  presbyopic customers who wear contact lenses but also switch to spectacle lenses from time to time. It provides a balanced reading zone and a seamless distribution of magnification to ensure comfortable vision.

Benefits of Wearing Zeiss Energizeme Lenses.

1,The extensive use of contact lenses can cause the user to suffer from contact lens discomfort.

2, Studies shows that using contact lenses for longer than prescribed periods together with extensive usage of digital devices, will amplify ocular tiredness, vision stress and discomfort.

3, Traditional spectacle lenses are not made to provide refreshment after prolonged contact lens usage.

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