Zeiss Digital lenses offering Clear and Comfortable Vision at closer reading distances.

People in their 30s and 40s start experiencing near vision discomfort for the first time. Zeiss offers a series best digital lenses to solve this problem.

Zeiss SmartLife Digital lenses

Zeiss SmartLife digital lenses are suitable for this age group who have to switch between online and offline often. They may start to experience eye strain after long durations of work. The Zeiss lenses with smart View technology, based on applied research of modern life style , visual behavior, and age related visual needs. Supported by Zeiss smart View Technology, based on applied research on modern lifestyle, individual need, Visual behavior, age related visual needs.

Zeiss Smartlife Digital Individual lenses

Zeiss individualized lenses are adapted to users individual parameters and needs. This is also optimized for far and near vision and incorporated Smartview technology from Zeiss

Zeiss Energizeme Digital lenses

These digital lenses are ideal for customers who don’t necessarily want to choose between contact lenses or spectacles. The first digital lenses developed by Zeiss for refreshing the eyes after wearing contact lenses. it helps tired eyes to relax and can prevent eye strain caused by digital screens.
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