Zeiss Clear View Free form Single Vision lenses available in stock range.

In a world where visual experiences play a vital role in our daily lives, the pursuit of clear and crisp vision becomes essential. Whether it’s capturing breathtaking landscapes, appreciating artistic masterpieces, or simply enjoying the beauty of everyday life, having a clear view can make all the difference. This is where Zeiss Clear View Lenses step in, revolutionizing the way we see the world.

Zeiss, a renowned German optics company with a history dating back to 1846, has been at the forefront of precision engineering and optical innovation. Their expertise spans across various fields, including microscopy, camera lenses, ophthalmic equipment and eyeglass lenses. Zeiss eyeglass lenses have gained worldwide recognition for their commitment to cutting-edge technology and exceptional optical quality.


What makes Zeiss ClearView lenses special?

New Clear-View lenses introduced by ZEISS are thinner, flatter and more attractive than conventional FSV lenses that rely on steeper base curves to provide acceptable optical performance. Zeiss has now found a way to further utilise the Freeform technology by getting complex freeform single-vision lenses readily available in the stock range. With Zeiss ClearView FSV lenses, wearers can experience excellent Vision Clarity from the lens centre to the periphery.

Up to 16% thinner than normal FSVs: ZeissClearView lenses are up to 16% thinner than Zeiss Spherical lenses and up to 8% thinner than Zeiss Aspherical lenses without compromising vision quality.

Flatter Design: Up to 49% flatter compared to other FSV lenses. Zeiss Clear View Lenses are designed to be exceptionally thin and lightweight, offering wearers a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience. The term “flatter” typically refers to the curvature of the lens surface, and flatter lenses have a reduced curvature compared to traditional lenses. Flatter lenses are thinner and can be more cosmetically appealing, especially for those with stronger prescriptions.

3 times larger Zone of Clarity: The Clear View Lenses are no exception. What sets these lenses apart from others on the market is their ability to provide unparalleled clarity, sharpness, and visual comfort. They are designed to optimize visual performance, making them an excellent choice for individuals seeking the best possible vision correction.

Free Form in Stock: Zeiss is the leader of freeform technology for surfaced custom order RX lenses. Zeiss now presents a way to further utilise this technology by getting complex freeform single-vision lens designs onto finished Single Vision Lenses. Finished Single Vision Lenses or stock lenses are Globally the most selling optical lens type because of their low cost and fast delivery time, However, the usual FSV lenses typically do not provide great optics across the lenses and they are compromised the peripheral optical performance.

A Breakthrough in Optics and Aesthetics

Zeiss Clear View Lenses offer an excellent combination of functionality and aesthetics. They are crafted to be thin, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing, providing enhanced comfort for the wearer.

Point-by-point Optimisation

The advanced freeform lens design in Zeiss ClearView lenses uses point-by-point optimisation across the lens surface. The optical power is optimised for the wearer from the lens centre to the periphery using 700 free calculation parameters.

CORE Technology – for the first time in a Zeiss FSV lens.

A high myopic person typically has a longer eyeball than an emmetrope. As individual eyeballs differ in geometry the so-called centre of rotation (COR) varies by prescription. Assuming an accurate location of the COR in the lens design there for plays an important role in the visual comfort of the wearer, allowing them to see clearly in the lens periphery.

Zeiss Vision Clarity Simulation

Building an extensive knowledge in industrial metrology, Zeiss has now developed a methodology that overcomes typical assessment limitations and allows a true evaluation of the optical performance of an FSV, from the centre to the periphery.


Zeiss UV Protect Material: As a Standard Zeiss ClearView lens comes with Zeiss UV Protect technology embedded in the lens material. Provides full UV protection of the eyes and surrounding skin.

Zeiss BlueGuard Material: Zeiss ClearView lenses are also available with the latest generation of blue light-blocking technology-Zeiss Blueguard. In previous generations, blue light blocking is achieved through coatings reflecting blue light, while Zeiss BlueGuard lenses incorporate blue light blocking properties into the lens material itself.


Zeiss ClearView Lenses Availability.

Zeiss ClearView lenses are the epitome of optical innovation, offering wearers unparalleled clarity and visual comfort. These remarkable lenses come in five distinct refractive indexes,1.50, 1.56, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74 ensuring a perfect match for every individual’s prescription needs. Whether you have a mild or high prescription, Zeiss has you covered. Additionally, ClearView lenses come with a choice of two cutting-edge coatings: Duravision Platinum UV and Duravision Platinum UV Blueguard. Duravision Platinum is a premium anti-reflective coating that minimizes glare, reflections, and scratches, providing superior clarity and aesthetics. On the other hand, Blueguard coating offers protection against harmful blue light emitted by digital screens, reducing eye strain and promoting eye health. With Zeiss ClearView lenses, you not only experience the world with crystal-clear vision but also benefit from the latest in lens technology for enhanced eye protection and visual performance.

New Zeiss ClearView Photofusion X Photochromatic

The new Zeiss ClearView PhotoFusion X lenses are a cutting-edge addition to the world of eyewear, providing wearers with exceptional comfort and Clarity. Available in two refractive indexes 1.56 and 1.60, these lenses cater to a wide range of prescriptions, ensuring optimal performance for every individual. What truly sets these lenses apart is the incorporation of Zeiss’s Photofusion X technology with Blueguard coating, which offers advanced protection against UV rays from the sun and harmful blue light emitted from digital screens.

How to Buy Zeiss ClearView lenses online

Purchasing Zeiss Clear View lenses online can be a rewarding and convenient experience, but it requires a thoughtful approach to ensure you receive genuine products that meet your specific needs. By following a few key guidelines, you can confidently buy Zeiss Clear View lenses online from Keralaopticals.com and enjoy their unparalleled optical performance and quality. Now at Keralaopticals.com,  you can order all types of Zeiss Clear-View FSV lenses, Available with all types of branded eyeglass frames. We are delivering Worldwide.