Zeiss Clear View Free form Single Vision lenses available in stock range.

Zeiss is the leader of freeform technology for surfaced custom order RX lenses. Zeiss now presenting a way to further utilise this technology by getting complex freeform single vision lens designs onto finished Single Vision Lenses. Finished Single Vision Lenses or stock lenses are Globally the most seling optical lens type because of their low cost and fast delivery time, However the usual FSV lenses typically do not provide great optics across the lenses and they are compromised the peripheral optical performance.

New Clear-View lenses introduced by ZEISS are thinner, flatter and more attractive than conventional FSV lenses that rely on steeper base curves to provide acceptable optical performance.

Freeform lenses readily available in stock range.

Up to 16% thinner than normal FSVs

Flatter Design. Up to 49% flatter compared to other FSV lenses

Best Clarity, 3 Times larger Zone of Clarity.

Now at Keralaopticals.com now you can order all types Zeiss Clear-View FSV lenses, Available with al types of branded eyeglass frames. We are delivering Worldwide.