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India with its over 1.3 billion people can afford and live comfortably with their low, medium or high incomes.

India being the third richest country in the world has immense growth in the industrial sector.

India has many frame and lens manufacturing companies with world class quality.

Huge quantities of lenses and frames are being exported to different parts of the world.

India with new liberal policies attract many multinational companies to invest in India and this paved the way to start their manufacturing units of world leaders like Essilor, Nikon, Kodak , Hoya etc.

International frame manufacturers like Luxottica and Safilo opened their manufacturing and distribution centres in India.

When you buy eyeglasses on line, the prices are very cheap in India compared to Europe and Americas where the profit margins are way high compared to Indian market.

You get the same quality frames and lenses in India at less than half price compared to any other countries.

India with over 1.3 billion population has a very high number of skilled work forces. The cost of living and wages are also much lower compared to most of the developed countries. Government of India has also come up with many encouraging schemes to promote India as a destination for business by giving tax discounts and tax holiday periods.

This has made India a lucrative place for manufacturing. Many multi-national companies has recognised availability of high class labour and relatively lower cost as a unique feature and started exploiting this by making India as their manufacturing hub. This includes world leaders in optical field like Essilor, Nikon, Kodak, Hoya etc.

Companies directly run these manufacturing units under their strict quality control and products are identical to the ones manufactured anywhere else.

With India being a large market by itself, the bulk production has also brought in economies of scale as well.

What we are offering is this benefit of world class product at India prices. Further Keralaopticals.com applies very low margins on all products. You can exploit this unique opportunity by using our online shopping opportunity.

We offer free delivery anywhere in the world and also free replacement in case of any damage during shipment. To make transactions easy, we have online payment facility also in our website.