Which are the best Anti-Reflective lenses ?

With many Anti-reflective coating on the optical lens market how to chose the right one. Here at keralaopticals.com we offer a wide range of anti reflective lenses. Each of them are suited to diffrent purposes and life styles. Before you selecting your lenses, you may want to consider which kind of Anti-reflective lenses most suit your personality.

1. Crizal

CrizalCrizal is the best choice among all anti-reflective lenses.Crizal lenses are avilable in three variants like Crizal UV,Crizal Forte UV, and Crizal Prevencia.Crizal Junior UV lenses designed for the maximum protection of your kids eyes.

2. Kodak Clean’N’Clear.

Kodak Clean'N'ClearKodak Anti-Reflective lens coatings not only improve the visual appearance but enhance the best light transmition too.High performance and great looks come together with Kodak Clean’N’Clearlenses. Kodak BLUECUT lenses are designed to protect your eyes from the blue lights emitting from the screens of digital devices.

3. Hoya.

HoyaHoya Lens anti-reflective coating guarantee performance and protection through out the day.It offers reliability functionality and enhanced wearing experience for any lens. Hoya UV control lenses and Hoya Blue Control lenses are the most selling Hoya anti-reflective lenses.

4. Carl Zeiss

Carl ZeissZeiss lenses offers short adaptation period,superb visual clarity,optimised for good vision even in the peripheral zone.The Anti-reflective lenses from Zeiss are LOTUTEC,DURAVISION,DURAVISION BLUE PROTECT.

5. Nikon

NikonNikon offers premium anti-reflective coating lenses like SEECOAT BRIGHT,SEECOAT PLUS and SEECOAT BLUE.

6. Asahi Protec

Asahi ProtecAsahi PROTEC Lenses offers value for your spending.

7. Eyezen

EyezenEssilor Eyezen advanced Single vision lenses help to relax and protect your eyes from the Digital screens.
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