Transitions DriveWear Lenses.

Transitions DriveWear LensesA common distraction while driving in the morning is Glare. You may know Glare as what occurs when sunlight reflects off the hood of your car and reach in to your eyes, or when bright light immediately shine out in the dark, causing you to feel temporarily bad vision. To prevent accidents, antiglare coatings on your lenses eliminates Glare from your vision.
Driving at night or dim light can be dangerous, as objects can fade in the darkness and bright lights can Jump out of nowhere, disrupting your vision. Transition Drivewear lenses are optimised for low light conditions and making it easer to drive at night.
Benefits for Wearers.
1. Optimal Vision in the bright Light.
2. Helps to see objects in the path Clearer.
3. Getting sharp focus while Driving
4. Better Field Vision allow you to see from all angles.
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