Scratch Resistant Spectacle Lenses

There’s nothing worse than buying an expensive beautiful pair of eyeglasses and then accidentally dropping them before you’ve even had the chance to display it.. They might not damage, but the lenses are probably going to get scratched. However, while there are no scratch-proof lenses in plastic or glass.

Anti-scratch lenses are made by coating on regular plastic or glass lenses with a hard protective layer. This coating is applied to the both side of lenses.

Many eyeglass lenses today are treated with scratch-resistant coating during the production process. This is especially true with high-index and mid indexed polycarbonate lenses. High-index lenses are very thinner and lighter than traditional ones. Polycarbonate lenses are a type of mid-index lens that is impact-resistant and have built-in with 100% UV protection.

Benefits of Scratch resistant coating

Scratch-resistant optical lenses are better than uncoated lenses in many ways.

1,Less prone to getting scrapes and ugly scratches on the surface of lenses.

2,More durable and less likely to break upon impact

3,Provide clearer vision for a longer duration

4,Have a prolonged lifespan, keeping your eyeglasses looking as good as new.

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Scratch Resistant Spectacle Lenses