Reading Glasses for Beginners

When you reach 40 and  not being able to read up close without stretching your arms to the limit, you may need to consider single-vision reading glasses

Reading glasses come in two main styles:

  1. Ready Made reading Glasses for Near Vision correction
  2. Custom made reading combined with Astigmatic correction

Single Vision reading glasses are suitable for people who spend a great deal of time concentrating on material close-up. These give you a larger field of view for reading, but if you try to look up and across the room through them, everything appears blurry. In this case a half eye reading glasses allow you to look down and through the lenses for near work, and up and over them to see in the distant range.

Generally, people who have never needed eyeglasses in the past will start out with a pair of reading glasses rather than a Progressive or Bifocal Glasses, which are usually a better choice if you have a need for distance as well as near correction. Handy accessories for temporary use, such as an evening candle light dinner, include tiny foldable readers that fit in pen-sized cases and magnifiers that hang around your neck like a pendant. You may have even seen plastic lenses mounted in card sized holders that slip easily in a tiny box- horrible for reading a book, but fine for those moments of desperation when you just want to quickly read the bill in a restaurant.

Also ready made readers are available with tinted reading lenses , Antiglare reading lenses, Pen type reading glasses and UV protecting reading glasses.

Advantages of Custom Made Reading Glasses

Reading glasses can be custom-made for each individual through an optical store , or they can be purchased “ready-made” at department store.

Ready-made readers are less expensive than custom readers, allowing you to own several pairs so you always have a pair of reading glasses nearby.

Ready-made readers are available in lots of fun styles and colors, too, so you can experiment with fashion, purchasing a somewhat outrageous pair of glasses without risking your pocket.

If you don’t like the shape, you can always get another inexpensive style with a more conservative look. Ready made reading glasses also allow you to stash extra pairs in different rooms of your living space as well as in your car dash board, office, briefcase, and so on.

One drawback to purchasing ready-made reading glasses is that they are essentially single size items. The power is the same in both lenses, and the location of the optical center of the lenses is not customized for each wearer. Majority of people do not have exactly the same power in both eyes, and almost every one has at least a small amount of Cylindrical correction in their prescription. Eye strain, Head ache and even nausea can result from wearing reading glasses that are too different from your actual prescription or that have optical centers too far away from the center of your pupils.

We offer custom reading glasses that are crafted using optical quality eyeglass frames and prescription quality lenses and innovative lens options like blue block anti-reflective coatings and tints. You get reading glasses that look better, fit better, last longer and provide better vision. Contact today.