PROTEC The Best Lens Coating From Asahi

Advanced coatings like Protec from Asahi are truly a boon for your lens. They work on many levels to protect lenses and even make their surface dirt and water repellant. In fact, when Protec was put through tests to see if it was resistant to temparature variations, climatic changes, perspiration or even abrasion from the lens cleaning cloth, it passed every one of them with flying colours. Proving yet again that it is one of the toughest coatings for your lenses. Protec also provides optimum vision through outstanding transparency.Asahi

1.Protec is convenient to clean.
2.Protec remains clean and clear at all times.
3.Protec has excellent adhesive properties.
4.Protec promotes a long life for the lens with outstanding durability.
5.Protec gives a low level of residual reflection.
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