Night Driving Made Easy

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Are you struggling to see clearly while driving at night or dusk? You’re not an exception. If you have trouble viewing traffic signs and you notice that the glare from headlights of the opposite vehicles and traffic lights looks too bright and distracting at night, it’s time to look into a pair of night driving glasses.

In this blog, we’ll share tips and tricks on how to improve your night vision in your driver’s seat and how to buy glasses for night driving online.

What are night driving glasses?

Night Driving Glasses are prescription lenses with an antireflective coating to help improve clarity and reduce distracting glare that disrupts your vision. These glasses are recommended for Night Driving if you have vision correction.

What makes Night Driving Difficult?
Many people find night driving difficult and stressful than driving during the daytime. These are the reasons why it can be harder to see at night.

  • Bright headlights from opposite vehicles, Glare from Street lamps and traffic lights.
  • Trouble seeing the Center Console and Dashboard
  • Visual Impairments – near-sightedness, astigmatism, etc
  • Night Blindness: This is a combination of vision problems that occur at night, such as difficulty adjusting to dim and bright lights.
  • Dirty wind Shields and extreme weather conditions.

What glasses should I wear for driving at night?

As we know, blurry vision, glare, and lack of light can reduce your visibility and influence your depth perception, color recognition, and visual field – all of which are extremely important when it comes to driving during the day or night. Start by doing an eye checkup with an optometrist or eye specialist to ensure your eyes are healthy and your prescription is up to date. It’s most important that you are wearing the correct prescription glasses for your vision correction. If you need to wear glasses while driving, the types of glasses will depend on the issues you are facing. If you have night vision problems, then you should opt for night vision driving glasses that help you see better while driving at night.


Zeiss Drive safe Lenses

ZEISS Drive Safe Lenses are everyday lenses specifically designed to meet the visual needs of drivers. Design features and key technology enhance the wearer’s vision experience during the day or night while driving. Thanks to the Dura Vision Drive Safe Coating, the lenses help to reduce reflections and irritating glare, especially while driving at night.

Essilor Essidrive

Driving glasses are the ones that are particularly meant to reduce the glare when driving on the road. Therefore, you can see objects and people in low lighting and see road directions. Driving glasses are not just meant for night driving but also for daytime driving, helping you focus on people and objects better, even in the dark. Additionally, driving glasses also act like sunglasses and protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, which can cause damage to your eyes with excessive exposure.

Kodak Night Vision

During the day, KODAK Night Vision Lens Coating performs as well as a standard anti-reflective coating, but at night the performance is improved twofold compared to the standard reflection-free lens. KODAK Night Vision Lens Coating is particularly suited to motorists as it offers significantly less glare from oncoming vehicles, traffic, and street lights. Light sources are seen
clearer and reflecting objects keep their sharp contours, meaning levels of glare are reduced.

How to buy glasses for night driving online?

Buying glasses with anti-reflective protection online for night driving is easier than you might think. Here’s what you need to get started so you can have clear vision behind the wheel at night.

  • Select your favorite frame from our wide range of Eyeglasses.
  • Enter your prescription.
  • Click Add Lenses and upload your prescription
  • Choose your lens options
  • Select from our wide range of Branded Night Driving Lenses.