New Varilux Comfor MAX for all day long visual Comfort.

With a dedicated focus on innovation, Essilor reaffirms it leadership of progressive addition lenses (PAL) with a new generation of Varilux range, Varilux Comfort MAX. With its unique technology, this new ergonomically designed progressive lens design expands the users field of Vision and reduce range of head movement. It adapts to natural postures to provide all day long vision comfort at all distances.

Vision Adapted to your Posture.

Your posture may change always even when your body stays in one spot. That means you are changing focus from your computer to your mobile phone to a note book and back again. These constant changes to your posture can strain your neck and spine. Varilux Comfort MAX Lenses are specially designed to maximize your useful vision zone and reduce posture changes.

All day Long Comfort.

Using the latest FLEX OPTIMUM technology the wearer able to calculate their optimal vision profile and new Varilux Comfort MAX lens gives the best area of vision. A wider range of gaze directions means fewer posture changes.

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