Kodak Night Vision Lenses for Safe Night Driving

With the capability to reduce reflection on the lens, KODAK Night Vision Lens Coating also protects the your eyes from glare that comes from the lights of oncoming vehicles, billboards and street lights. This lens coating is specially designed to reduce up to 91% of lens reflection at night, providing wearers with comfortable vision.
Night Vision Coating reduces light reflections on the lens, specially in wavelength ranges to which the human eye reacts more sensitively at Night. Artificial Light sources and reflecting surfaces keep their sharp contours, levels of glare are reduced.
Night reflectance of Night Vison coated lenses are up to 90% below that for normal plastic lenses.
1,Significant less Glare from oncoming VehiKodak Night Vision Lensescles, traffic and Street Lamps.
2,More Clear Vision at Night
3,Improved colour and Contrast perception.
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