How to Clean Glasses?

Cleaning your Eyeglasses or Sunglasses on a daily basis is the best way to keep them looking great and prevent from damages from and protect your eyes from infections.
What is the right way for cleaning your glasses?

Follow these tips to clean your eyeglasses without risks of Scratching glasses or causing other damage. The same way you can apply for cleaning Sunglasses, Protection Glasses and eye wears.

1)  Clean Your Hands First

Before cleaning your glasses you should clean your hands free from oil, dirt, chemicals and anything else that could be transferred  to               your glasses

2) Rinse Your Glasses Under A Stream Of Tap Water.

This can help remove dust and other debriszeiss and can help avoid scratching your lenses while cleaning them. Never use hot water which             may damage lens coating.

3) Apply A Few Drops Of Diluted Dishwasher to each Lenses.

4) Softly rub both sides of the lenses and all parts of the frame.

5) Rinse The Glasses thoroughly  In Running Water.

6) Gently shake the glasses to remove the water and carefully dry them using a clean micro fiber cloth.