Digital Single Vision Lenses



Created in real time using state-of -the-art computerised design program,Kodak digital single vision lenses are designed using patient specific data. The patient details is utilised in the design program to create the ultimate digital single vision lens sharp to the edge.

Benefits of Single Vision Digital lenses
Kodak digital lens is an advanced freeform single vision lens which offers maximum optical advancements, These are thinner and flatter than a traditional Single vision lens

1, 15% thinner and 20% Flatter

2, Reducing spherical aberrations created by the flat flat curve.

3, Optimum vision to all types of prescription

4, Sharper vision throughout the lenses including the edges

Digital Single Vision lenses are available in clear, Transitions and Polarised forms with three types of coating Clean’N’Clear,Bluecut and Nightvision.

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