Blue UV Capture lenses for filtering Harmful Blue-Violet Light

Harmful light exists in the form of ultraviolet(UV) and blue-violet light. Our exposure to harmful light is growing due to our lifestyles. Exposure to blue light may have an impact on visual fatigue and eyestrain which causes multiple health problems.

Sources of Harmful light.


Harmful Blue light is emitting from our Digital devices, screens, computers and artificial lighting.


Sun emits harmful Ultraviolet rays and is the biggest source of blue-violet light

Crizal Blue UV Capture lenses for complete protection in an all in one solution

Benefits of Crizal Blue UV Capture Lenses

1,Essilor’s smart filtering technology blocks out harmful Blue violet light while ensuring beneficial light pass through.

2,Best UV protection

3,Aesthetically good looking lens with low residual Tint

4,Best Visual clarity and Comfort.

Blue UV Capture can be added to all types of Crizal Lenses available at 

Blue UV Capture Lenses