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Kerala Opticals Blog

  • Crizal Forte UV Transition Signature vii Gray /GG

    Crizal Graphite green Transitions give you natural vision and best colour perception than any other light adaptive lenses.This suits to all frame styles and colours. This gives you better comfort and a great look. Graphite green lenses are very cheap in India compare to other countries.You can buy a pair of Single vision Crizal Forte UV Transitions graphite green lenses for less than USD 115 from keralaopticals.com the best online optical store from India. World wide shipping available

  • Photochromic and Transition Lenses

    Photochromic lenses are optical lenses that are clear indoors and darken automatically when exposed to daylight. This is also called as light adaptive lenses and Day and Night lenses. The most selling photochromic lenses brand in the world is Transitions the inventors of plastic photochromic lenses.But there are other brands of photochromic lenses available as well like Rodenstock Colourmatic,Carl Zeiss Photo Fusion,Hoya Sensity Etc. Crizal Transitions and Carl zeiss transitions are the Premium brands. Photochromic lenses are available in all lens materials and lens type including Single vision lenses, Bifocals and Progressive lenses Benefits to wearers Photochromic or transition lenses enhanced protection from UV rays,Glare and Blue Light and Provide comfort to your eyes from harsh light. If you are looking for a cool Transition or photochromic lenses for your new eyeglasses vist keralaopticals.com, you can find a perfect eyeglass frame too from its multiple brands collection.

    Transition XTRA Active lenses Transition Xtra Active lenses are designed to protect your eyes from the sunlight and harsh artificial lighting.It darkens even behind the windshield of a car.Crizal Forte UV Transition Signature vii gray and Graphite green lenses are avilable at keralaopticals.com.

  • Diffrent types of Crizal lenses

    Benefits of Crizal UV

    • Anti reflection
    • Scratch Resistance.
    • Front and back UV protection.

    Benefits of Crizal Forte UV

    • Anti Reflection
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Dust and Water Reppellence
    • Smudge Repellence
    • Front and Back UV protection

    Benefits of Crizal Prevencia

    • Anti Reflection
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Dust and Water Repellence
    • Sudge Reppellence
    • Front and Back UV protection
    • Blue Light Protection.

    Now you can buy your favourite Crizal lenses from keralaopticals.com the best online optical store from India. We are shipping spectacles world wide at lowest prices.

  • Blue Light Protection Lenses

    Electronics devices are an unavoidable part of our modern life. This makes us vulnerable to harmful blue light emitted from the gadget screens, Blue cut lenses from keralaopticals.com helps  wearers filter blue light and protect your eyes. It minimises  glare from digital screens and enhances contrast perception. You can buy your best quality  branded lenses like Kodak blue cut lens, Crizal Prevencia, Eyezen, Hoya Blue control etc from keralaopticals.com the best online seller of high quality spectacles.

  • Kodak Night Vision lenses cuts out the glare at night and give you better vision

    Are you driving night everyday? One of the most severe problems with night driving is 'Glare'.The light rays that interferes with your vision which may affect your driving comfort. Trying to focus on something in the presence of a light that's too bright can cause your eyes fatigue and become teary.Kodak night vision lenses with minimal residual effect will enhances vision acuity making driving comfortable in both bright as well as dim light conditions.This night vision coating is avilable in all kodak models like single vision,Bifocal,progressive and high index lenses. You can buy your kodak night vison lenses and best quality frames from www.keralaopticals.com the best online optical store in India.

  • Thin lenses for your Eyeglasses.

    If you, like many other glasses wearers, are stuck behind thick lenses that limit your choice of frames and distort the appearance of your eyes, high index eyeglasses are a real luxury. Eye glass lenses are Available in five refractive indexes 1.5, 1.56, 1.61, 1.67 and 1.74. Higher refractive indexed lenses means they are more thinner. Hi index lenses looks great and lighter in weight. Hi index lenses are available for all types of eyeglass prescriptions like single vision, bifocal and progressive. If you have a very strong prescription you should opt ultra thin hi index 1.74 lenses, 1.74 indexed lenses are the thinnest, flattest and most cosmetically appealing lenses ever made.This ultra thin lenses are 50% thinner than a normal 1.5 index lenses. Keralaopticals.com selling all types of Hi index lenses in all major brands like Crizal, Kodak, Nikkon, Zeiss, Hoya, Asahi etc. You can select the right eyeglass frames for high index lenses from our store online. We are making best quality eyeglasses at lowest prices and shipping them worldwide.

  • Spectacles were never so easy to shop for

    Today’s modern lifestyle has made many wear some sort of spectacles for their own comfort and obviously, for enhanced vision but getting hands on quality spectacles has always been a task. This has taken as a concern at Kerala Opticals which came up with the most efficient way for one to shop for their spectacles. Being an online optical store, Kerala Opticals let you explore the whole range of frames to choose from along with the required lenses. Getting it even better, they deliver it to your address, even if international. So what are you waiting for? Visit www.keralaopticals.com and place your order today.

  • Need contact lenses? Come to Kerala Opticals

  • NRI’s can now buy spectacles at Indian price

    Due to some obvious reasons, the production cost of lenses and spectacles is much lower in India as compared to any other country and thus many NRIs prefer to buy there spectacles form India but shipping may cost them bucks. Thus, Kerala Opticals has introduced an optimal solution for NRIs where they can’t just shop for lenses without any shipping cost but can even save 500% on their bill. The store has a whole lot of brands of spectacles and contact lenses which are ready to be shipped to anywhere in the world. So if you need to shop for the same, visit www.keralaopticals.com.

  • 30 days money back guarantee! Only at Kerala Opticals

    Being in the business for years and fulfilling the needs of its customers, Kerala Opticals has changed the way people used to shop for their optical solutions, by introducing an online store with a diverse range of branded spectacles and lenses. Keeping it even simple for the customers, Kerala Opticals is now offering a 30 days money back feature on all orders. Since the store is online, the chances of getting an unfit spectacle are likely and this money back option has made it even better. So whether it doesn’t meet your requirement or is not fitting in an optimal way, return it and get your money back in 30 days. To learn more, visit www.keralaopticals.com.

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