Hoya Amplitude Progressive lenses for Smooth transition from far to near.

While Bifocal and Trifocal lenses may correct presbyopia, the lenses are separated by distinct viewing areas which are reflected by obvious lines. Not only do the lines make the lenses look not aesthetically appealing, the abrupt jump in power makes vision focusing from far to near frustrating. Hoyalux Amplitude is a convenient solution as compared […]

Zeiss Clear View Free form Single Vision lenses available in stock range.

Zeiss is the leader of freeform technology for surfaced custom order RX lenses. Zeiss now presenting a way to further utilise this technology by getting complex freeform single vision lens designs onto finished Single Vision Lenses. Finished Single Vision Lenses or stock lenses are Globally the most seling optical lens type because of their low […]

Hoya Sensity the best Photochromic lenses.

Photochromic lenses are designed to adapt to their surroundings, so the human eyes don’t have to. In Outdoors they darken like sunglasses while indoors they quickly fade back to full clear lenses. Hoya’s latest innovation in the light-reactive category goes beyond simple vision correction. Made with proprietary Photochromic Precision Technology and Stabilight Technology, Hoya’s  Sensity, […]

Zeiss Office Lenses for natural Vision across all activities at Close and medium distances.

Zeiss office lenses offer clear and relaxed vision from near to an intermediate range. Its an excellent choice for spectacle wearers who spend most of their working time in front of computer screens. Benefits 1,Clear Visual Acuity for near to intermediate Distances. 2,Relaxed and clear vision with natural body and head posture. 3,Wide types of […]

Where to buy Oakley frames online from Kerala?

The emblematic Oakley is the brand to watch when it comes to uncompromising performance. The Oakley label striving for progress and improvement continuously revolutionize the market. Pitched towards the demands of professional athletes, the sports label inspires with the latest production technologies, innovative designs and outstanding functionality. The Oakley brand thus combines quality, comfort and […]

Ray-ban Wayfarer Eyeglasses frames Original, Nomad, New and Old.

Ray-Ban introduced Wayfarer style in the 1950’s, Since its initial design, Ray-Ban Wayfarers have become the most recognizable style in the history of eyewear market. Wayfarer frames are a trapezoidal shape, which Ray-Ban created by using the newly-invented, moldable material, acetate which is anti allergic and durable. Wayfarers were initially popular as they were radically […]

Airwear lenses for Safety and Comfort.

Polycarbonate material introduced in the 1970’s for use in aerospace programs and activities. The material was used for astronaut helmet visors, as well as space shuttle windshields; proving beyond a doubt the material’s strength and durability. Ever since their introduction to the commercial eyewear market in the 1980’s, polycarbonate lenses have become the standard for […]

Buy Custom made Lenses online from Keralaopticals.com.

We at Keralaopticals.com cater to the diverse needs of all our customers by offering them a wide range of corrective lenses. We are dedicated to providing a comfortable vision experience begins with the the technology we are following. As a lens specialist, we offer the right lens solution for eyeglass wearers with precisely crafted feature […]