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    Tablets, mobile phones, computers and digital instrument panels of machines have become a vital part of our daily lives. Studies has shown that 80% of eyeglass wearers experiences some form of eye stress during or after using the digital screens. This include eye strain, head ache, eye fatigue, and even sleeplessness.

    Blue control reduces the blue-light emitting from digital screens, reducing glare, and enhancing colour contrast. Blue-light protection keeps the eyes in better condition while offering more comfortable and relaxed vision. Blue control lenses highly recommended for people who spend more with digital screen.

    Hoya Blue Control is in combination of HI vision long life which is the best anti reflection coating. Now you can add Blue Control lenses to your eyeglasses purchasing from Keralaopticals.com.

  • Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses.

    In modern world people spend hours staring at digital screens every day on smart phones ,computers and tablets and more. Do you know that even a few hours spend looking at a screen causes eye strain. Digital eye strain occurs when our eyes are exposed to harmful Blue Light that is emitting from digital screens. This condition can cause dry eyes, head ache and blurred vision.

    Now fortunately, there is a way to combat these unwanted symptoms with lenses that can filter harmful Blue light. Blue light glasses provide protection for eyes and can prevent eyes from further damage.

    Major Benefits of Blue Light Glasses.

    If you are spending most of your time in front of Digital Screens you may want to note these top Benefits of Blue Light Glasses and consider applying them in to your Vision care routine.


    Blue light glasses can relieve the pain and discomfort that comes with staring at light emitting digital screens for long duration. This is because they are specially designed with lenses which absorb the blue light before it has a chance to enter the eyes

    Eyes can become tired after being exposed to brightness in general, but when focused on a bright digital screen, the strain may be even more noticeable. Blue light glasses can reduce this stress, let you more productive with the very tasks you are using your digital  device for.


    Blue light disrupts the favorable level of the sleep hormone (melatonin) that our  body naturally produces, which in turn can cause sleeping disorder. Wearing blue light glasses while you work on digital device can reduce these disruptions and allow you to be more restful.


    In addition to providing immediate relief from day today eye stress and digital eye strain, Blue Light glasses can prevent eye condition such as macular degeneration that leads to Blindness. Blue Light Glasses shield your eyes from harmful digital screen light that can damage the Light-sensitive cells found in the retina.

    More people are turning to Blue light glasses to block the light from digital screens and that special eyewear sold at Keralaopticals.com. A wide choice of Blue light protection lenses  Crizal Prenencia, Eyezen Prevencia, Essilor Elements, Zeiss Duravision BlueProtect, Kodak BlueCut, Hoya BlueControl etc.

    Oakley Wheel House brings a fresh Design with smooth, deep squares, to the market. Leveraging the immensely popular Hollowpoint hinge, the style draws inspiration and subtle details from Oakley Pitchman and Oakley Pitchman R, two best-selling styles that find the way for this classic, prescription-ready frame.

    • O Matter frame material provides durability , Light weight and all-day comfort to keep up with life on-the-go • High quality Stainless steel temples with Unobtainium earsocks help provide all day comfort • Hollowpoint hinges has a self-contained spring cam mechanism and internal piston, showing an elegantly minimalist design • Available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses of all types.

    • Available in 4 Clours Satin Black, Transparent, Satin Brown Tortoise, Satin Grey Smoke.
    • Order your Oakley OX8166 Wheel House From Keralaopticals.com. All branded lenses with Lowest rate. Worlwide Shipping.
  • Varilux The best Progressive lenses

     Essilor the inventors of multi-distance lenses. Varilux gives better clarity and greater comfort whilst regaining natural vision near, far and intermediate.


    Find five important reasons to take advantage of the leading innovations in the Varilux progressive range.

    1. Clear vision at all distance

    Far or Near the Varilux gives you clear vision whatever the distance.

    2. Total comfort in any task

    Whether at work with a Laptop, using a smartphone or simply reading the news paper, the Varilux range provides total comfort.

    3. High resolution; vision in any light;

    Physio 3.0 Varilux lenses lets you enjoy greater contrast and sharpness. The increase in quality is un comparable to a normal progressive lens.

    4. Dynamic vision steady in motion

    Great for active life styles and sports, the Varilux Lenses allow you to see perfectly - even in motion. Lenses are tailored to your visual behavior.

    5.  Adaptation Is Quick

    All Varilux lenses are tested and approved by wearers to ensure wearer's satisfaction, including fast and easy adaptation. With Varilux lenses, adaptation and Visual Comfort guaranteed.

    At Keralaopticals.com we offer Varilux's best performing lens styles for our customers, expertly fit to your frame. We also offer advanced Varilux Lenses with all types of Crizal Coatings and features like Transitions, Mirror Coating and Polaroids.

  • Xperio Polarised Lenses

    Glare can be reflected off many surfaces such as water bodies, glasses, grass and metallic surfaces.

    Prolonged exposure to glare and sunlight can lead to visual discomfort. Glare can also contribute to an increased risk of accidents while driving or skiing due to slower reaction.

    Xperio Benefits.

    Ideal for all activities like driving, sports, fishing regardless of the environment, situation or season.

    • Eliminate reflected glare


    • Best in class UV protection for your eyes.


    • True Colour Perception.


    • Available in all types of prescription like single Vision and Progressive lenses.

    Buy your sporty and Stylish Xperio polarised glasses from Keralaopticals.com. Worldwide shipping. Available in three colours Grey, Brown and Grey green.

  • Rayban Clear Lenses

    New Rayban Classic wrap and oversized frames with enhanced clear lenses for everyday protection  and everyday Ray-Ban style. Wrap up with Clear Everglass styles to activate fending power in every environment.

    -100% UVA/UVB protection -Front-side light cosmetic treatment -Cover against dust, light and water.

    Buy your Rayban Clear Glasses from Keralaopticalscom.

  • Different Types of Oakley Frame Materials

    Engineering breakthroughs in structural materials allow Oakley to produce feather weight, high performing frames designed to maintain uncompromising protection and daily comfort. Oakley's wide range of materials are explained. 1, O MATTER Oakley's injection molded Thermoplastic O MATTER material provides improved strength and flexibility over common Acetate, and is built to withstand form shifting or deforming overtime.

    2, NANO-MATTER Oakley's Ultra- lightweight durable frame material allows for all-day Comfort and resistance to the elements.

    3, NANOWIRE Comprised of incredibly sleek and lightweight Titanium alloy with memory metal that flexes and springs back into place, providing and adaptable fit that borders zero gravity.

    4,STAINLESS STEEL The long lasting extremely high strength- to-weight ratio allows us to craft frames with comfortably thin architecture.

    5, C-5 It is a combination of 5 metallic compounds fused into a single C-5 alloy.

    6, TITANIUM An Ultra-lightweight, virtually indestructible material used in fighter planes, that allows us to produce some of the strongest, lightest and most comfortable Oakley frames.

    7, CARBON FIBER+O MATTER The combination of Lightweight Carbon fiber temples with an O MATTER front material provides superior comfort and flexibility.

    8, ALUMINUM For strong and lightweight Oakley's aerospace grade aluminum alloy enables bold designs in a durable, corrosion resistant frame constructBuy your stylish and comfortable Oakley frames online from Keralaopticals.com.

  • Rayban Blue Light Filter Glasses

    Rayban most-wanted frames with either Clear or Evolve lenses, plus a blue light protection designed to eliminate risk of eye-strain by minimizing exposure to blue light from digital screens and harsh indoor lighting. Give your eyes maximum chill time with dual coverage at every hour, indoors, outdoors and from your digital screens.

    Blue Light Clear -Filter blue light from all types of digital screens -100% protection from UVA/UVB -Front-side light cosmetic treatment

    Blue Light Evolve -Filter blue light from digital screens and from Harsh indoor lights. -Light responsive technology, shifting from clear to grey -100% UVA/UVB protection -Front-side light cosmetic treatment applied. Buy a Rayban Authentic Blue light filter Glasses from keralaopticals.com  today and ensure the protection of your eyes.

  • Oakley Authentic Prescription Sunglasses.

    Oakley is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world as pioneers of innovation and high performance optics, Oakley creates and protects in the quest for personal progression and individual expression. The Oakley Prescription collection is engineered with premium performance materials, innovative technologies and iconic designs that are created to deliver unravled vision benefits for life beyond sport.

    Types of prescription glasses  from Oakley

    1. Sport Specific Cycling

    2. Sport Specific Fishing

    3. Sport Specific Golf

    4. Transitions

    5. Sun RX Colours

    6. Prescription Clear

    For buying your stylish Oakley Prescription Glasses contact  Keralaopticals.com.

  • Keep your glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask.

    Face Mask Protect Us From transmitting Corona Virus, majority of eyeglass wearers are facing the nuisance of mask induced foggy lenses. What can we do about our fogged up glasses? Four Tips for lifting the fog from Your glasses while wearing a mask.

    1. Always Keep Your Lenses Clean. Before wearing your face mask wash your glasses with soapy water or a lens spray and let your glasses air dry or dry using a microfiber cloth. Cleaning the lenses with soapy water use a thin film that induces the surface tension and keep away the water molecules to form a transparent layer.

    2. Seal The Mask. An easy trick employed by experts involves sticking a piece of double sided tape across the bridge of nose before wearing a mask or inserting some tissue papers between your cheeks and mask.

    3. Make Sure The Mask Fit Well.

    4.Use some defogging sprays or Anti Fog Lenses like Essilor Optifog.

    Anti-fog molecules applied to both surfaces of the lens are activated by the Optifog activator spray. So instead of creating a fog, water droplets form a film that’s invisible to the eye.


    We at keralaopticals.com selling all types of optifog lenses like          progressives, single vision and digital lenses.

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