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Kerala Opticals Blog

  • Oakley Eyeglass Frames for Teens

    Oakley introduced two new stylish acetate eyeglass frames for Teens. They offer comfort and performance three point fit.

    Oakley OY8003 AIRDROP XS

    This is a stylish rectangle shaped acetate frame specially designed for Youth. Available in two sizes 48/50 and five colour combinations . You can buy this trendy frames online keralaopticals.com the best online optical store from India for mere 60 US Dollars. Available with all branded lenses like Crizal, Kodak, Hoya and Asahi. International shipping

    OAKLEY OY8006

    Rectangle Shaped acetate frame for youth, Light weight durable O matter , Rubber ear socks for NO slip Grip, Wire core temples for adjust ability. Price is just 60 US dollars

  • Sporty Eyeglasses

    Eyeglasses can be specially designed for outdoor activities and sports especially adventurous games .Sports lenses provide the best optical correction for all curved frames and make aberrations a thing of the past. Whether for designer eyeglasses frames ,high fashion sunglasses or sporty prescription eyeglasses.

    The Benefits of Sports Lenses

    1, Light weight plastic lenses for glazing highly curved sporty frames.

    2,Customised optimisation for best performance.

    3,High quality anti reflective coatings available

    4,Available in single vision and Progressive lenses

    5,Maximum diversity

    6,Photochromic and Polarised variants available

    Select your sporty eyeglass frames from the unique collection of keralaopticals.com and you can choose the right sports lenses like Shamir,Matrix, Kodak HD sports. Your professionally made sporty eyeglasses from keralaopticals.com make you feel comfortable and confident. We are shipping worldwide ,Lowest price guaranteed.

  • Rayban Frames For 6O Dollars

    Rayban the global leader in premium  eyewear market launched a series of product in India. The price tag is less than 60 US Dollars. This new collection keep you stylish without blowing your pocket. Here are the best Rayban unisex eyeglasses frames collection priced under US Dollars 60 to keep you looking classy without also making you poor.

    1,RayBan RX6302

    This one is a classical style full rim eyeglass frame suits to men and women. Available colours are Shiny Black, Silver, Gunmetal and Arista Gold. Size 52 and 54 available

    2,RayBan RX6303

    The stylish Rx 6303 Rimless Eye glass frame suits to men and women, avilable in Shiny black ,Arista gold, silver and gunmetal colours. Frame size are 51 and 53

    3,Rayban RX6304

    Rectangle shaped Rayban RX6304 Half rim Eyeglasses is suits to Men .This stylish spectacle frame available in four Shades, Arista Gold, Shiny Black, Silver and Gunmetal. Available sizes 52 and 54-

    4, Rayban RX6266

    Rayban Rx6266 is a rectangle shaped rimless eyeglass frame suits men and women. Available in 51 and 53 sizes. The colour options are shiny black, arista gold, silver and gunmetal

    We at keralaopticals.com offers the stylish and modern Rayban eyeglass frames at lowest prices . You can shop online the premium quality lens brands like Crizal,Kodak,Hoya etc. We are shipping worldwide, Paypal Express Checkout service provided.


  • Digital Single Vision Lenses


    Created in real time using state-of -the-art computerised design program,Kodak digital single vision lenses are designed using patient specific data. The patient details is utilised in the design program to create the ultimate digital single vision lens sharp to the edge.

    Benefits of Single Vision Digital lenses Kodak digital lens is an advanced freeform single vision lens which offers maximum optical advancements, These are thinner and flatter than a traditional Single vision lens

    1, 15% thinner and 20% Flatter

    2, Reducing spherical aberrations created by the flat flat curve.

    3, Optimum vision to all types of prescription

    4, Sharper vision throughout the lenses including the edges

    Digital Single Vision lenses are available in clear, Transitions and Polarised forms with three types of coating Clean'N'Clear,Bluecut and Nightvision.

    Shop online the best digital lenses from keralaopticals.com for the lowest price in the world. We are shipping Woldwide.

  • Which are the best Anti-Reflective lenses ?

    With many Anti-reflective coating on the optical lens market how to chose the right one. Here at keralaopticals.com we offer a wide range of anti reflective lenses. Each of them are suited to diffrent purposes and life styles. Before you selecting your lenses, you may want to consider which kind of Anti-reflective lenses most suit your personality.

    1. Crizal

    Crizal is the best choice among all anti-reflective lenses.Crizal lenses are avilable in three variants like Crizal UV,Crizal Forte UV, and Crizal Prevencia.Crizal Junior UV lenses designed for the maximum protection of your kids eyes.

    2. Kodak Clean'N'Clear.

    Kodak Anti-Reflective lens coatings not only improve the visual appearance but enhance the best light transmition too.High performance and great looks come together with Kodak Clean'N'Clearlenses. Kodak BLUECUT lenses are designed to protect your eyes from the blue lights emitting from the screens of digital devices.

    3. Hoya.

    Hoya Lens anti-reflective coating guarantee performance and protection through out the day.It offers reliability functionality and enhanced wearing experience for any lens. Hoya UV control lenses and Hoya Blue Control lenses are the most selling Hoya anti-reflective lenses.

    4. Carl Zeiss

    Zeiss lenses offers short adaptation period,superb visual clarity,optimised for good vision even in the peripheral zone.The Anti-reflective lenses from Zeiss are LOTUTEC,DURAVISION,DURAVISION BLUE PROTECT.

    5. Nikon

    Nikon offers premium anti-reflective coating lenses like SEECOAT BRIGHT,SEECOAT PLUS and SEECOAT BLUE.

    6. Asahi Protec

    Asahi PROTEC Lenses offers value for your spending.

    7. Eyezen

    Essilor Eyezen advanced Single vision lenses help to relax and protect your eyes from the Digital screens. You can buy your best Eyeglasses with any branded Anti reflective lenses online from keralaopticals.com for the lowest price in the world.World wide shipping,Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Diffrent Types of Contact lenses

    Diffrent types of contact lenses are selling online from keralaopticals.com.

    1, Toric Contact lenses for correcting Astigmatism.

    2, Colour contact lenses for getting a new look for your eyes

    3, Daily Disposable lenses offer conveniece and reduce the chance of infection

    4, Gas Permeable contact lenses for sharper vision

    5, Bifocal contact lenses for correcting presbiopia.

    6, Extended wear contact lenses for wearing long duration

    7, Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses for transmitting more Oxigen to eyes

  • Crizal Forte UV Transition Signature vii Gray /GG

    Crizal Graphite green Transitions give you natural vision and best colour perception than any other light adaptive lenses.This suits to all frame styles and colours. This gives you better comfort and a great look. Graphite green lenses are very cheap in India compare to other countries.You can buy a pair of Single vision Crizal Forte UV Transitions graphite green lenses for less than USD 115 from keralaopticals.com the best online optical store from India. World wide shipping available

  • Photochromic and Transition Lenses

    Photochromic lenses are optical lenses that are clear indoors and darken automatically when exposed to daylight. This is also called as light adaptive lenses and Day and Night lenses. The most selling photochromic lenses brand in the world is Transitions the inventors of plastic photochromic lenses.But there are other brands of photochromic lenses available as well like Rodenstock Colourmatic,Carl Zeiss Photo Fusion,Hoya Sensity Etc. Crizal Transitions and Carl zeiss transitions are the Premium brands. Photochromic lenses are available in all lens materials and lens type including Single vision lenses, Bifocals and Progressive lenses Benefits to wearers Photochromic or transition lenses enhanced protection from UV rays,Glare and Blue Light and Provide comfort to your eyes from harsh light. If you are looking for a cool Transition or photochromic lenses for your new eyeglasses vist keralaopticals.com, you can find a perfect eyeglass frame too from its multiple brands collection.

    Transition XTRA Active lenses Transition Xtra Active lenses are designed to protect your eyes from the sunlight and harsh artificial lighting.It darkens even behind the windshield of a car.Crizal Forte UV Transition Signature vii gray and Graphite green lenses are avilable at keralaopticals.com.

  • Diffrent types of Crizal lenses

    Benefits of Crizal UV

    • Anti reflection
    • Scratch Resistance.
    • Front and back UV protection.

    Benefits of Crizal Forte UV

    • Anti Reflection
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Dust and Water Reppellence
    • Smudge Repellence
    • Front and Back UV protection

    Benefits of Crizal Prevencia

    • Anti Reflection
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Dust and Water Repellence
    • Sudge Reppellence
    • Front and Back UV protection
    • Blue Light Protection.

    Now you can buy your favourite Crizal lenses from keralaopticals.com the best online optical store from India. We are shipping spectacles world wide at lowest prices.

  • Blue Light Protection Lenses

    Electronics devices are an unavoidable part of our modern life. This makes us vulnerable to harmful blue light emitted from the gadget screens, Blue cut lenses from keralaopticals.com helps  wearers filter blue light and protect your eyes. It minimises  glare from digital screens and enhances contrast perception. You can buy your best quality  branded lenses like Kodak blue cut lens, Crizal Prevencia, Eyezen, Hoya Blue control etc from keralaopticals.com the best online seller of high quality spectacles.

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