Airwear lenses for Safety and Comfort.

Polycarbonate material introduced in the 1970’s for use in aerospace programs and activities. The material was used for astronaut helmet visors, as well as space shuttle windshields; proving beyond a doubt the material’s strength and durability.

Ever since their introduction to the commercial eyewear market in the 1980’s, polycarbonate lenses have become the standard for all children’s and sports eyewear, as well as commercial safety glasses. Because of their durability to withstand fractures, polycarbonate lenses are also most commonly used for both semi-rimless and rimless eyeglass frames. Polycarbonate lenses are commonly used for polarized lenses, photochromic or Transitions lenses and sunglass lenses.

Airwear is a polycarbonate lens from Essilor that is lighter in weight and thinner than traditional plastic lenses. Airwear offers scratch-resistance, 100 percent ultraviolet protection, durability and impact-resistance. In addition, Airwear lenses provide enhanced comfort and cosmetic appearance

40 times impact resistance 

16% Lighter than normal plastic lenses

21% thinner

Blocks 100% UV Rays

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