About Kerala Opticals

The first and most successful online optical retailer in India, has been operating successfully since its launch in 2005. Mr. Mathew Davis, CMD, who has a degree in Business Administration, founded it in the beginning. In addition, he has practical knowledge in the field of opticals via his active participation in the management of Kerala based family-owned Optical chains.

Started in a 200 year old ancestral home ten years ago, has all the contemporary amenities including a fully computerized lab with Kappa machines and a separate quality inspection department to ensure that every task is completed with 100% correctness in every way.

This 2000 square foot property with all amenities provides a very serene and peaceful environment for our daily operations while being only 1 km from the city.

Our Lens Quality

  • A flawless pair of glasses require both science and art for its creation.
  • We produce lenses of the finest caliber
  • The FDA and CE have approved each lens.
  • As crucial as making the right surfaces for your lenses is accurate edging.
  • We use Essilor Kappa Edger to offer your glasses the highest finishing and durability.


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Mathew Davis, Neeliyara

Chairman & Managing Director

Our Story

Mr. Matthew Davis established his own optical firm in 1997 after gaining years of experience from the family-owned optical outlets situated in various areas of Kottayam district, shortly after receiving his business management, degree and aiming to launch something creative.

He spent the most of his leisure time and holidays at his uncle’s optical stores, therefore, working at the eyeglass store was his love.

Looking back, he says he is proud to be a highly skilled optician who performs all aspects of the eye care sector from vision testing to the final finishing of eyeglasses as well as a skilled contact lens provider.

He launched because he was wanted to start selling his glasses online when internet shopping began to take off in the 2000s. Though it didn’t look promising at first he ultimately began to attract clients from all over the world. In 2008, he launched his website with only 50 frames online, and six months later, he received his first purchase order from Dubai.

As time went on, the numbers increased and he received more referrals, which is where the actual business is, according to him.He is already dispensing hundreds of pairs of spectacleseach month to clients all over the world,including those in the USA, Canada and European nations, albeit his primary clientele is still in the Middle East.

A complete web store with all current functionality is now being introduced. Almost a1000 models, 20 different designer frame brands, online fittings several payment methods and all branded lenses are available.

For a clear view of the product photographs, a macro-photography studio was provided. We provide a large variety of designer eyeglass frames, progressive lenses with the best coating, as well as several branded sunglasses and contact lenses from various vendors of your choosing.

He claims to make sure that every order meets the customers criteria in full. His top priorities are greatest finishing and measurement accuracy for the lenses.