With its inception in 2005, Keralopticals.com is the first and longest serving successful online optical store in India. When it was first started in 2005 by its CMD Mr.Mathew Davis, who holds a degree in Business Administration and vast experience in the optical field gained from the family owned optical chains in Kerala.

Started 10 years ago in our 200 year old ancestaral home changed to Keralaopticals.com with all modern facilities like fully computerised lab with Kappa Machines and sepaerate quality inspection department to see each job done meets 100% accuracy in all aspects. This 2000 sq.ft house with all facilities helps us to reduce the high rent on the streets and boasts a very calm and peaceful atmosphere for our day to day operations and just 1 km away from the city.


Making a perfect eyeglass is a science and an art rolled in to one .We make the highest quality lenses available.All lenses are FDA AND CE approved.

Accurate edging is as important as creating the correct surfaces at your lenses We are using the Essilor Kappa Edger that gives you the best finishing ,and durability for your eyeglasses.


Mathew Davis Neeliyara

Managing Director

Mr , Mathew Davis soon after completing his Business management degree,looking to start something innovative, he started his own optical business in 1997 after gaining years of experience from the family owned optical outlets located in different parts of Kottayam district.It was his passion to work at the eyeglass place as he spent most of his free times and holidays at his Uncle’s optical outlets.When looking back, he says he is proud to be a very professional optician doing A to Z of the eye care industry from Vision testing to the final finishing of the eyegalsses and he is a professional contact lens practitioner as well. When the onile shopping started booming in the 2000s, he wanted to do start his optical online and he started keralaopticals.com . The beginning was not that promising , but eventually he started getting clients around the world..

In 2008 started the website with just 50 frames online and he got his first order from Dubai after 6 months.Gradually the numbers got risen up and he got many referals which he says ..”When a customer refers another customer, that is where the real business lies.”Now he is dispensing 100s of eyeglasses each month to differents parts of the world as far as from US, Canada,, European countries and his main customers are still from the middle east.
Now we are introducing a complete webstore with all modern features. Around 1000+ models 20 brands of desingner frames,Online try on ,All types of payment options, All branded lenses.

Fascilitated with a macrophotography studio for clear view of product images. We have a wide range of selection of designer frames, progressive lenses with the best coating and many branded sunglasses and contact lenses from diffrent suppliers of your choice.He says makes sure that each order is as all the specifications as per the customer .The accuracy in the lens measurements and and best finishing are his priorities.